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Open for Business!

19 Jun

Last Friday, Ru’s Pie Club completed its first large order of pies! The pies came out beautiful and delicious – with the help of several amazing and talented loved ones. Thank you to Patricia for making the trek across the Bay during last Thursday’s BART craziness, and giving the day a great start! Thank you to Mom B, Amalia, Andrea, and Al for closing out the long day with high energy and chinese food. And especially, thank you to Cole for your incredible support throughout this whole trial run – from hunting down ingredients to comforting me at my 1am meltdown. You are amazing.

I seriously could not have done it without all of you!

One lemon tart…packaged and ready to go!

20 pies, waiting to be delivered

So….let the new orders roll in. Ru’s Pie Club is open for business!

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