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Baking with Friends!

4 Mar

While many folks took today’s beautiful weather as an opportunity to spend time outside, I headed inside for a fabulous day o’ baking with my friends Patricia and Melissa. We started with a classic chocolate cream pie – an incredible chocolatey delight with a chocolate graham cracker crust. (Here is a picture from the first time I made the pie, because I forgot to take photos today. oops.)

Chocolate Cream Pie

Putting the final touches on the chocolatey filling!

While the chocolate pie was chilling in the fridge, we started on a second recipe – plum and orange tartlets. This recipe was pretty easy and incredibly delicious. We began with a filo dough crust, glazed with an egg white and cream wash. Then we added plums and orange pieces marinated with honey and lime on top. Handmade whipped cream to finish it off. See some photos below!

One Tartlet!

Two Tartlets!

Thanks Patricia and Melissa for a fabulous day!

Takin’ it slow is sometimes okay

3 Mar

Hello readers and fans!

You might be asking – Where have I been? Where did all the pies go? Well dear readers and fans, I believe this was no typical blogger fatigue. About 6 months ago, something went horribly wrong with my neck and shoulders. Quickly, the pain traveled down my arms, and I couldn’t do a lot of the things I really loved to do, like cook and bake. So Ru’s Pie Club took a hiatus so that I could heal. It’s been pretty hard, and I’ve missed baking like whoa.

But I’ve been doing better! And while I take time to work up to full-fledged pie-baking, I’ve been getting creative and thinking outside the pie box. About a month ago, I experimented with creme brulee! Here are some photos:


Safety First!


Brulee-ing the Creme!


I’ve also been eating my fair share of pie. In fact, today I tried Three Babes Bakeshop for the first time, and it was incredible! They operate out of Stable Cafe on Folsom at 18th Street, and are only open on the weekends, 9am-4pm. If you get a chance, definitely head over before this weekend is over because they have THE MOST DELICIOUS lemon meringue pie I have ever had. Seriously. Cole and I got an extra slice to take home. Yeah, it was seriously that good. So go!

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